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With our re-introduction into the North American market at the Axpona 2023 show, we all knew this year’s show had to elevate the experience even further to cement our place in the market and illustrate the leaps forward we’ve made with our agent, Luxury Audio Group, in the foregoing year.

Room adjustments and Club Lux

With significant alterations to equipment placement, room treatment and further ingenious adjustments, we managed to ameliorate the worst downfalls these conference rooms so generously provide as obstacles for us exhibitors to tackle. 

These tweaks enhanced our ability to fine-tune the playback quality and enrich the overall experience. This in turn, further spawned the possibilities to successfully disperse our creativity and not only continue last year’s press-day but also undergo an evening transformation from a traditional audiophile room to a fully-fledged nightclub.

Vitus Audio with Luxury Audio Group at Axpona 2024

While we could have wished for greater attendance at our nightclub, new initiatives always take time to root, and rest assured: we’re already planning Club Lux’s 2.0 introduction for the Axpona 2025 exhibition.

Forthcoming reviews

On top of the successful Axpona 2024 show we also initiated a review of the displayed Vitus Audio pieces which we urge everyone to look out for in the latter end of this year or early next year.

We at AVA Group want to extend our gratitude towards Luxury Audio Group, Estelon, Crystal Cable and to all the visitors for making these experiences happen.

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