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Ahead of their visit, we began working with our UK based brand agency, BAAAM in 2021. They worked with us to bring together our unique brand proposition, our core values and a clear vision of how the Vitus Audio brand should be perceived by its international audience. 

The work involved in-depth discussions to obtain a clear and comprehensive understanding of the brand and its position in the market. Once this was established, the proposition and visual identity was created, along with a dynamically revised logo.

They then created one of the most important selling platforms for our brand – a new website. This platform has really brought the strategic and creative vision alive.

All of this work was undertaken remotely over many, many hours of video, phone calls and innumerable email communications.

So we thought it high time we met in person! 

Peter Moore from BAAAM has written about their first visit to Denmark and their take on the Vitus Audio facility;

Paul Flower taking photos in the Vitus Audio facility
Paul Flower taking photos in the Vitus Audio facility
Peter Moore videoing the set up by Alexander Vitus Mogensen of the Essemtec Fino.
Pete videoing Alexander setting up the Essemtec Fino.

We had discussed visiting Denmark to meet Hans-Ole, Alexander, Lukas and Britta for many months prior to getting the trip arranged. Finding the right moment and a window of time that suits everyone is a tricky task. It’s one of the reasons video calls have become so indispensable in modern working. But in 2023 we managed to get a three-day trip arranged. This fell in the run up to AVA Group’s showing at AXPONA in Chicago.

Although an extremely busy time for Alexander, Lukas and the team, it was the perfect opportunity for us to get a close look at the production of a range of Masterpiece products being prepared for demo at the show. And I must say, despite their heavy workload, they gave us so much of their valuable time. They gave us an ‘access all areas’ tour of the AVA Group facility, answering all of our questions and generally just being excellent hosts.

Day one

Creative Director Paul Flower and I began our trip with a 3.30am taxi ride to Stansted Airport. Our Ryanair flight was due to leave at 7:40 am to Billund Airport in Denmark. No business class here, keeping it real! The day would begin in earnest upon arrival. Alexander picked us up from Billund and drove us the hour to Herning where the AVA Group facility resides.

Our plan for the first day was to have a complete tour of the factory to get a deep insight into the many processes involved in creating Vitus Audio’s exceptional components. We wanted to gather as much photography and video as we could (being very careful not to expose any confidential material!).

Alexander and Lukas took us around every department of the factory, each explaining the various machines and their roles in the production process and patiently explaining the role of the myriad components used. We also got to meet the teams working in each department to ask them questions about their work.

What is immediately apparent when you step into the building is the pride and attention to detail the whole team share. It’s definitely not about turning out audio equipment at speed. Every step is focussed on crafting a component of the very highest order. The care that is taken in every part of the build process is astonishing. We came away with the feeling that this work is a complete labour of love. Even the wiring looms placement inside the components is meticulously organised and inspected at every step. Great work takes time to produce!

As well as the production side, we also got to see the VA demo room taking shape and see a sample of Hans-Ole’s formidable turntable collection (if you’re a turntable-head like me, it will leave you drooling).

Because it was the run up to AXPONA, we got to hear the Focal speakers to be used at the show, driven in the demo room by an SIA-030. Frankly, an astonishing experience. We can only guess at what the Masterpieces would do with them! A quick side note, they let me loose to play some music on the system which was a total delight – if I’d had the luggage space I’d love to have brought some records over… alas. Maybe next time!

Day one ended with a meal at a local steak house – Dirty Ranch Steakhouse (seriously good steak!) and a couple of well deserved beers. We then headed back to our hotel for a little rest before day two at AVA Group. We have to thank Hans-Ole and Britta for driving us there and back to our hotel. Really loved the back massage facility in the BMW – really travelling in style!

Day Two

The second day was to be dedicated to video interviews with Alexander and Lukas. Hans-Ole very kindly picked us up from the hotel at a very accomodating British time of 8am (these guys begin their work day at 6am).

We arrived at the facility and set up our equipment in the demo room. Lukas gave his interview first with Alexander interviewing after. They spoke candidly and with great passion about their business, what drives them and where they want to take Vitus Audio in the coming years. 2023 has seen great growth for the brand and its really exciting to see their vision and work bearing fruit.

We also took the opportunity to take some shots of the team against one of the feature walls in the AVA Group meeting room. You’ll see them popping up in the user manuals…

We also got to see more of the construction process. One thing that became abundantly clear is that both Alexander and Lukas are very hands on. They’re not sat in an office all day as one might envisage a CEO or COO. These guys are part of the team building the products. Not just inspecting, but building. It’s part of what I think makes the brand special. There is a voracious appetite to make sure everything that comes out of the factory is not only of the highest quality, but that everyone has had a hand in its production, each sharing a responsibility for – and a pride in – the product being perfect.

The afternoon allowed us to meet and discuss future plans. This was followed by a listening session in the demo room of some large ribbon speakers. Dinner this evening was at a Chinese buffet – my Achiles heel for over indulgence!

Day Three

Our final day allowed us to spend a couple of hours getting some final footage from the factory before heading back to the airport for our flight back to the UK in the afternoon. Alexander drove us to the airport once again, perfectly bookending our trip to Denmark.

It was a fleeting but essential visit for us. It really drove home to us what Vitus Audio means as a brand and why it’s growing as fast as it is. It’s not just a company making hi-fi equipment. The team put passion into everything that leaves the factory. There’s a palpable feeling of drive for the next level of perfection. There’s certainly no standing still here, those 6am starts happen for a reason! 

Thank you to Alexander, Lukas, Hans-Ole and Britta for your exceptional hospitality. And thanks for giving us such a detailed look at Vitus Audio. We’re excited to be a part of what comes next. 

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