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SM-103 stack of two

Monday 10th Jun 2019 Posted in: Events | News |

Vitus Audio wins “Best Sound at Munich High End 2019” with AudioSolutions speakers

AudioSolutions used the Vitus Audio SM-103 Monoblocks, SL-103 Preamplifier and MP-D201 DAC at the Munich High End show 2019. This resulted in a “Best sound of the show” award from Peter Breuninger and AVShowrooms. 

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SIA-030 Mk.I quarter view

Saturday 8th Jun 2019 Posted in: Events | News |

SIA-030 was the best sound at High End Munich 2019

Peter Breuninger from AVShowrooms awarded the Vitus Audio room “Gold Show Award High End Munich” for best sound at the show 2019. Quote “Did you hear the trail off at the end of the track? It was black, probably the blackest background I’ve heard”.

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SIA-030 Mk.I top view

Wednesday 5th Jun 2019 Posted in: Events | News |

Vitus Audio #Winning at Munich High End 2019

a “Best Sound at HIGH END 2019” award. Quote “The sound was high-end audio reference quality! Smoooooth and exceedingly clean, with a gloriously natural harmonic structure that went both tight and deep on bass plus way on high for cymbals and such”

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SIA-030 Mk.I front on

Saturday 11th May 2019 Posted in: Events | News |

Lovely, smooth sound and a very large soundstage

Mr Jason Victor Serinus from Stereophile visited the Vitus Audio room at Munich High End 2019 and had only positive things to say. Quote “Lovely, smooth sound, fine timbres, and a very large soundstage” Read more about the SIA-030 and Jason’s visit here.

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Wednesday 8th May 2019 Posted in: Events | News |

SIA-030 introduced at High End Munich 2019

Creating a product intended to be a model up from a much coveted and multi-award-winning icon, the SIA-025 in this instance, is no easy task. A casual exploration of the sheer number of accompanying 5-star reviews and awards from all over the world tells you all you need to know.

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Wednesday 23rd Mar 2011 Posted in: Events | News |

What does your amplifiers give to the listener? JVH interviewed Hans-Ole Vitus at the 2011 Audioshow in Lisbon. Vitus was asked multiple questions such as “What does your amplifiers give to the listener, that the other manufacturers, products dont?”

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