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HiFi Statement have produced an in-depth review of our magnificent RP-102 Phonostage which is available to read now on their website. The text is in German and the quotes below are translated from the German.

RP-102 front on
The front panel of the RP-102

They played a range of music from the jazz-rock of Klaus Doldinger through to Shostakovich using a range of pickups and tonearms, really putting the amp through its paces. 

“The Danes put a lot of effort into the ohmic termination of the connected pickups … I can’t remember ever having encountered a phono stage that offers 23 different values!”

We think the following quote sums things up perfectly;

“The Vitus [RP-102] always depicts the musical events against a deep black background: absolutely convincing.”

Read the full five page review on the HiFi Statement website including a complete kit list at the end. 

Many thanks to Dirk Sommer at HiFi Statement Magazine for taking the time to write such a thorough deep dive into our phonostage. And thank you, too, to our partner Uwe Heile from Audio Offensive in Falkensee, Germany.

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