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A key aspect when re-evaluating our brand, and in particular the visual components, was the brand imagery. Our products are very much the brand’s heroes, and as such we wanted to create a library of images that truly reflected their gravitas. We also wanted a creative approach which summed up our brand proposition of timeless design and performance, summarised by our brand strapline: Forever Now.

Vitus Audio brand imagery

The visual metaphor we decided upon was concrete. It has the monolithic quality and minimal architectural appearance that people often associate with our products – in particular our larger, heavier amplifiers. It is also something that tends to be here to stay.

During the creative process our brand team discovered that the sharp, clean lines in concrete seemed very reminiscent of the minimal design of Vitus Audio products – there was a happy marriage.

The majority of our imagery was created in the studio by our brand agency, BAAM, and UK photographer Adrian Lyon using carefully constructed concrete sets. The imagery created has been designed to be dramatic and stand the test of time – much like our products.

Vitus Audio brand imagery

The creative concept has been explored further to include concrete highways and monolithic product stacks. Our work continues…

Vitus Audio brand imagery
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