Memories from our first ever show in Denmark – February 2003

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Having participated the the Stockholm show the weekend before this show at the Marriott in Copenhagen, we were already exited to show our brand’s new products in our home country. The Stockholm show provided us with a great deal of exciting feedback from both the public and some heavyweight Swedish distributors with many years in the business.

The system introduced in Copenhagen was almost identical to the one used in Sweden, with the exception of the dCS stack as a digital front end. So again, we were showcasing our our RP-100, RL-100, and a stereo prototype of what became the SM-100 (first introduced at the Frankfurt show in May 2003)

We also used a Nordic Concept turntable as the main analogue source for the show which featured a downscaled version of our RP-100 built in.

As we hoped for, the feedback was extremely positive. The look of our unique speakers caused some division amongst the attendees as expected. But the sound was super clean, even for such a small room with a speaker capable of going very low.

This was only our second outing in public for our first products but even at this early stage it was clear our products generating a buzz and getting plenty of attention.

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