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Vitus Audio proudly announces the appointment of High End by Oz (Los Angeles, CA), as its North American distributor. In the past few months we have formulated our strategy for re-entering the US market. Our strategy includes a local service center, secondhand certification and warranty guidelines as well as general dealer guidelines.

Founded in January 1995, Vitus Audio introduced its first products to the US market at CES 2004 – after an eight yearlong R&D phase. At present, Vitus Audio is regarded as one of the top luxury audio brands around the globe. Vitus Audio is also proud to announce the much anticipated release of the SIA-030 at the Munich High End Show – raising the bar once again of what is possible with a one box solution. Please contact High End by Oz for further details.

High End By Oz LLC
Phone: (424) 344-0011

11870 Santa Monica Boulevard 106672, Los Angeles CA 90025

Admin / Invoicing
AVA Group A/S,
Dueoddevej 6B,
7400 Herning,
Tel: +45 9626 8046
Deliveries / Collections
AVA Group A/S,
Hammershusvej 3H,
DK7400 Herning,
Opening hours: Monday-Friday 06.00-14.00

VAT number: DK29800804

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