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“Our brand’s personality is one of prudence and unhurried consideration. In terms of both technical innovation and business development, we have always rejected reckless change in favour of intelligent evolution. The historic changes we’re making today are an articulate expression of the same principle.” – Hans-Ole Vitus

Since the launch of Vitus Audio in 1995, Hans-Ole Vitus has driven the brand forward with his extraordinary vision and energy. The company’s first products were revealed in 2003/4, quickly establishing its reputation as a leading member of a global elite in high-end audio equipment.

Twenty years later, the brand’s strategy has undergone significant refinements, and Hans-Ole believes that the time is right to make important changes to the company’s composition and structure.

Announcing the arrival of the Second Generation

The first step in a ‘generational takeover’ was initiated on May 1st 2022. As a result, AVA Group A/S now has two new co-owners.

First of all, Alexander Vitus Mogensen’s company AVM-TEC (which includes the successful high-end lifestyle brand Alluxity) has been consolidated into Ava Group A/S.

AVM-TEC was founded in 2010 by Alexander – remarkably, at the age
of 17 – and under his inspirational leadership has been growing steadily ever since.

Secondly, Lukas Birk Eriksen, a long-serving and indispensable member of the Vitus Audio ‘family’ has become a shareholder. Lukas joined the Group in 2014 as a trainee and in 2017 gained an Honours Degree in Engineering. Since then he has become a driving force in the company’s Production, Sales and Aftersales functions.

Together, Alexander and Lukas now hold 50% of the shares in AVA Group A/S, and we warmly welcome them both to the Board of Directors.

As the Founder of the business, Hans-Ole Vitus will retain ownership of the remaining shares.

Meet the new Management

On May 1st the following changes were made to the senior management team of AVA Group A/S:

Alexander Vitus Mogensen became CEO, bringing to the new Board the experience he has gained in steering his own, highly successful company.

“I’m greatly looking forward to managing the growth of AVA Group A/S as a company and to developing the Vitus Audio and Alluxity brands side by side, while adding some new product lines. Lukas Eriksen and I both possess strong backgrounds in our industry, as well as the technical knowledge required to take over the Group’s daily management.”

Mr. Lukas B. Eriksen has been confirmed in the role of COO – one he has effectively fulfilled for the past 2.5 years with impressive results.

“Our shared focus will be on continuing to deliver products and service of the very highest quality, with our legendary attention to detail. I’m also looking forward to advancing the implementation of our new strategy for worldwide Service Partner certification.”

Our Founder steps back

Mr. H.O. Vitus, the company’s founder, will continue as CTO with overall responsibility for R&D – the field that has always been his special genius and passion. After more than 20 years as CEO, Mr. Vitus is excited by the opportunity to focus entirely on the development of further ground-breaking products.

For the past two or three years I have led the team that has created Vitus Audio’s new strategy and brand identity, and I’m now delighted to be bringing a young, strong new team into our management and ownership structure. This is precisely the fresh injection of energy that AVA Group A/S needs as it moves forward. I have huge confidence in the combined abilities of Alexander Vitus Mogensen and Lukas B. Eriksen to drive the company on to the next level, in the same spirit and commitment with which both Vitus Audio and Alluxity were created.”

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