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The Roon Ready RI-101 Mk.II

When defining and implementing new ideas in a business, one of the first questions to ask yourself is “What problem am I solving for the customers?”.

In the world of streaming, it can be difficult to set yourself apart from your competitors. It is an aggressive and constantly evolving space.

The first priority is, of course, the user experience: the intuitiveness of the user interface, the speed of the software, the quality of the playback etc. And beyond that, all the additional features that can set your product apart, boosting that user experience.

One of the main ways Roon set themselves apart from their competitors is via their algorithm for discovering new music. Let’s face it, one of the main objectives of streaming is the possibility – and the simplicity – of discovering new albums, artists and tracks within a genre driven by your taste in music.

It’s clear to see that the user experience is very important to Roon. Their requirements to become Roon Ready certified covers a very long list of different aspects a manufacturer has to build into their products. This comprehensive list ensures that the user experience is always top notch, and also means that Roon can act quickly when issues arise in the field.

This is one of the reasons we began the journey to certify the RI-101 Mk.II Integrated Amplifier as Roon Ready. The process to certify the RI-101 Mk.II was not an easy one. However, as a manufacturer who cares as much, if not more, about the customer experience, we knew becoming certified was an absolute essential. We are delighted to finally have the first of our many products certified.

Although it’s been a long process, it has been an interesting journey. It’s given us new ways of thinking about user experience and problem solving, and this will enable us to continue increasing the quality of our products, creating intuitive experiences for the customer and ever enhancing our products.

We’d like to thank Roon Labs, and we are looking forward to a strong partnership.

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