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Vitus Audio SM-103
Photography of the SM-103 by Adrian Lyon & BAAM Agency

A Vitus Audio system is among an elite category of luxury items, along with certain brands of wristwatch, car and musical instrument, that defy time and fashion. They are not so much personal possessions as heirlooms to be enjoyed, treasured and cared for, then passed down to those whom you know will appreciate their outstanding quality in the same way that you have.

Our products are lauded for their unmistakable visual design, their superb performance and their scintillating and uncompromising build quality.

However, it is their timeless aspect that ultimately sets them apart and makes the brand unique. A Vitus Audio product is conceived and constructed to remain perfectly contemporary and ‘of the now’ for many years. It is less a ‘consumer durable’ than a personal heirloom.

Of course, while our essential DNA remains steadfastly constant, adjustments and modifications are made to our product range over time, in order to keep the brand relevant and exciting.

The timeless design and performance of Vitus Audio products were inspired (you could say necessitated) by great music. And since great artistry never ages, it’s only appropriate that our products, too, transcend time and fashion.

Out of this fundamental fact we have established our Unique Selling Proposition, and subsequently our corporate line: FOREVER NOW.

Vitus Audio Forever Now Logo

We have also redesigned our logo to more accurately reflect the qualities associated with the brand. The VA symbol and its supporting typography have been re-created to reflect the brands strength and precision, and its undeniable quest for perfection.

The new symbol takes pride of place on the top of many of our products.

Top of the SIA-030 in Titanium Orange
Photography of the SIA-030 by Adrian Lyon & BAAM Agency
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