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After a late night flight, a taxi fare and a good night’s sleep, our local importer, Airt Audio, took us to the Ascot Racecourse and introduced us to the team at Monitor Audio. Whilst the room itself did not have the perfect physical conditions for audio playback, Monitor Audio and Airt managed to encapsulate and dampen the hard walls and absorbing windows using a special cloth that also increased one’s focus on the playing system.

Thus, despite the rooms difficulties, the acoustics were managed extremely well, giving the audience a feeling of spacial awareness, openness and pinpoint tonality without distorting or overcompensating. The Hyphn may not appear to be a large speaker but oh Lord do they play music as if they are.

Paired with our SM-103 Mk.II, our MP-L201 Mk.II and the Kalista Dreamplay XC with Entreq Triton cables, Airt made sure the system would work flawlessly. Shoutout to Airt for choosing the Midnight Blue color which combined with the white Hyphn’s to give a stunning setup.

We considered the show a great success, as it enabled us to provide support to our partners, connect with the fine individuals from Monitor Audio, and link up with our treasured UK customers. Despite the ongoing debate among exhibitors about whether sunshine or rain draws the largest number of attendees, we believe that the beautiful sunshine only enhanced the charm of the Ascot Racecourse. Paying a visit to this place should definitely be on your bucket list.

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