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Listening to Vitus Audio products in Taiwan 2004

After a remarkably successful CES in January of 2004, and an equally successful show in Hong Kong the week before, our journey continued to Taiwan.

The main focus was to introduce our new brand, Vitus Audio, to the press and resellers of Taiwan. This took us on a tour around most of the country and, as with our visit to Hong Kong, we were genuinely impressed at how already well informed everyone we met was about the brand.

Hans-Ole Vitus in Taiwan 2004

Most of the press had already been at CES earlier that year and had experienced the high-quality sound and bold statements in our listening room at the show. This visit to Taiwan gave us time to sit down and go through our background, our philosophies and to go into deeper detail about our approach to music reproduction.

This proved essential to generating interest in Vitus Audio and resulted in several in-depth articles about the brand being written for local audiophile magazines. We also signed up multiple dealers after our visit making the trip both hugely worthwhile and in many ways a pivotal moment in our brand’s history.

The audio set up in Taiwan 2004
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