How to leave a Vitus Audio product when not in use

How should I leave my Vitus Audio product when it is not being used?

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When you are done with a listening session, should you leave your products turned on or put them into standby?

We always recommend that you put your products into standby when not in use. 

Even though we design our products in such a way that the tolerances on components are much higher than required, the lifespan of components will still degrade over time while subjected to heat. This is especially true for electrolytic capacitors, which over time can begin to dry out and require replacement. 

However, we do still have products running from the early 2000s without any problems and it is extremely rare that we receive products back with bad capacitors. 

Should you not wish to leave your unit in standby mode or powered off – because you want to be able to enjoy music from a fully warm product at any point – then it is very much recommend to leave your product in Class AB mode and muted when not in use, then, change to Class A mode around an hour before listening. 

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