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Our preamplifiers and integrated amplifiers do have a theatre bypass function, which can be accessed from the inputs setup menu.

  1. Navigate to the menu of your product, then to setup and into the inputs menu.
  2. Choose the input where you have your AV receiver plugged in.
  3. Go into the menu called “fixed” and set fix to “on”.
  4. When the fix has been set to on, a menu point called “adjust” shows up.
  5. Here you adjust the volume to 0dB which essentially bypasses the volume in your product.

If you don’t have a volume control at an earlier point in your signal line, the signal will be very high on the output of the amplifier when the fixed input is chosen. This could potentially damage your speakers, so please do this at your own risk. Alternatively, contact your local VA partner to have them assist you with the correct setup of your product.

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