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CD Transport


MP-T201 Mk.II CD transport

Improving on the quality of the transport used in our SCD-025 Mk.II proved to be a difficult task. A dramatic new approach was required to define a new reference standard for CD transports. We use the same modified Philips CD Pro 2 LF as found in the SCD-025 Mk.II, but for the Masterpiece Series we go a step further with even more detailed mechanical and electrical modifications resulting in a highly precise drive.

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MP-D201 front view


When we talk about the Masterpiece Series being extreme, we really mean what we say. This component is the last word in digital to analogue conversion. With five inputs including USB that supports NativeDSD up to 256 and PCM up to 384kHz with 32 bit resolution, whatever digital sources you have, this unit will handle them with room to spare.

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Phono stage


MP-P201 Mk.III Phono stage

Getting the very best from every recorded work has always been core to our endeavours at Vitus Audio and getting the best out of a record collection can be tricky. Dealing with extremely low output levels whilst keeping noise to a minimum is the key. With the MP-P201 Mk.II, we deliver the most impeccable reproduction possible thanks to our efforts to optimise at absolutely every stage of the signal path.

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Line stage


MP-L201 Mk.II Line stage

The perfect pairing with either our MP-S201 or MP-M201 power amplifiers. All the true balanced discrete gain stages in the MP-L201 are based on shielded modules and each module is moulded with special damping material, taking care of both mechanical resonances and stability in temperature. This gives optimal working conditions for the circuitry. The MP-L201 line stage gives you unbelievable control over your sources.

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Stereo power amplifier


MP-S201 Stereo power amplifier

When we first floated the ideas behind the MP-S201, the reaction from everyone we spoke to was “Mission impossible”. To the Vitus Audio design team, this was exactly the motivation they needed to get to work… mission accepted. Making a 125kg+ amplifier of this size is no small undertaking. Special tools were required before we could begin. This investment was necessary and allows us to proudly say that our products are handmade in Denmark.

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Monaural power amplifier


MP-M201 Mk.II Monaural power amplifier

The toughest design task in our history. The MP-M201 is the result of 9 years of research and development by the Vitus Audio design team. This is a massive, four chassis system that weighs in at an astonishing 300kg. It represents the very best of our amplifier design efforts of the years and is created for those that value the experience of music at its best.

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