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  • Can I upgrade my product?

    If a new version of your product has reached the market, i.e. the RI-100 being upgraded to RI-101 mk.II, then it is possible to have your product upgraded. To get more information on upgrading your product, including pricing etc, please fill out the Service & Upgrade form with the required information.

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  • My Vitus Audio product has a problem, how do I request a service?

    You can request a repair via the Service form.

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  • How do I change the fuse(s) on my Vitus Audio product?
    1. Put your unit into standby
    2. Wait 1 minute
    3. Remove the power cord
    4. Slide out the drawer on the IEC inlet
    5. Replace the fuse with the same specifications as already installed in the product
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  • Do you keep a stock of spare parts and components for discontinued products?

    In most cases, spare parts (PCBs, components etc.) will be kept in stock for a long period after discontinuation. If the spare parts are not in stock, most can be bought or produced again.

    Contact us via the service form with your specific requirements.


  • How do I register my Vitus Audio product for an extended 4 year warranty?

    You can register for the extended warranty using our Warranty Registration form.

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  • Can i buy a Vitus Audio unit second hand and keep any remaining warranty?

    There is always a risk when buying a product second hand with little knowledge of how the previous owner has treated the unit. To help in this process, we suggest buying second hand units through our authorised partners as they will be able to test all functions of the product and give you a solid, fair assessment of the condition of the item you are purchasing.

    The purchase must be made with an authorised partner for any remaining warranty to be transferred with the product.

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  • Why are Vitus Audio products available in multiple colours and what does bespoke mean?

    They say that variety is the spice of life. We offer our amplifiers in five distinct colourways – Orange, Titanium Grey, Silver, Champagne and, of course, Black.

    Bespoke means just that. You can have a Vitus Audio product finished any way you wish. That could mean a custom colour, a solid gold front plate or internal customisations. Our team can discuss your requirements with you. Start a conversation with us on the Bespoke page.

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  • Why are the different mains voltages important?

    Vitus Audio products feature a regulated linear power supply that requires a specific voltage to operate. If a wrong voltage is applied to a Vitus Audio product i.e. 230V being applied to a 115V product, the product will be damaged.

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  • Can I change the voltage on my Vitus Audio product if i move to another country?

    This is possible but the change cannot be done by yourself.

    In some cases, this work can be performed by our authorised partners around the world. In rare cases we would ask that the product is returned to the Vitus Audio factory in Denmark for the conversion to be done.

    Please fill the service form to enquire about this process.

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  • What features does the RC-010 remote offer?

    You can find all the features available in the RC-010 on the product page.

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  • Which products can the RC-010 remote be used with?

    The RC-010 remote can be bought and used to operate all Signature and Masterpiece series products from Vitus Audio.

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  • Do Vitus Audio power amplifiers feature balanced outputs?

    All Vitus Audio power amplifiers are truly balanced. This means that the negative speaker terminals are the inverted signal and NOT a ground post.

    Do not under any circumstances connect the negative speakers out to ground as this will cause damage to the amplifier.

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  • Can I connect an active subwoofer to a Vitus Audio power amplifer?

    Connecting an active subwoofer to our power amplifiers is not recommended due to the the fully balanced design of the output stage.

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  • How do I connect an active subwoofer to Vitus Audio pre-amplifiers and integrated amplifiers?

    Connecting an active subwoofer to our pre-amplifiers or integrated amplifiers should be done via a pre-out output or a normal output. It should NOT be connected to Tape-Out or BP-out outputs.

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  • Can I attach a HDD/USB stick directly to the streamer and playback from it?

    No, this is not a supported feature.

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  • What material are Vitus Audio product chassis made from?

    The chassis of Vitus Audio products are made purely from 100% aluminium. Aluminium is a non-magnetic material, providing zero influence on the electronics.

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  • Do Vitus Audio products have a home theatre bypass input?

    Most Vitus Audio preamplifiers and integrated amplifiers support “home theatre bypass” on all inputs. This can be set up on individual inputs. For a guide on how to do this, please follow this link to our knowledgebase article.

  • How should I leave my Vitus Audio product when not in use?

    It is recommended for the purposes of component lifespan that you leave your unit in standby when not in use. Even though all parts of Vitus Audio products – including components – are over-specced, heat will still degenerate components faster and reduce the lifespan of the product.

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  • How warm can my Vitus Audio product get?

    Most Vitus Audio power amplifiers are Class A amplifiers, meaning they can get relatively warm (depending on room temperature). Usually, Vitus Audio Class A amplifiers will reach around 30 degrees above ambient temperature when fully warm.

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  • Can I purchase replacement packaging material for my Vitus Audio product?

    Yes, you can purchase replacement packaging material i.e. cardboard box, foam, fabric covers, wooden crates etc. through our authorised partners. However, packaging material is made specific for every product and is not always available and in stock.

    Please contact one of our authorised partners for a quote or, if an authorised partner is not present in your country, fill out the service form on our website with all required information.

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  • Can I put my Vitus Audio products in closed furniture?

    It is recommended that you allow at least 10cm of air all the way round your Vitus Audio products to allow for optimal cooling. It is recommended that you do not place and operate your units in closed furniture with no room to allow for cooling.

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  • What is the ideal ambient temperature for Vitus Audio products?

    It is recommended that you keep your unit in a steady ambient temperature, both while operating, in standby and under storage. You should always let your product acclimatise to room temperature before plugging it in to mains and operating it.

    It is recommended to operate our products within the range of 18-28ºC ambient temperature.

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  • Should I turn off my product when changing cables?

    Yes, you should always put your product into standby or even better, disconnect the product from the mains when swapping out cables. Before disconnecting your product from the mains, please put your product into standby and wait 5 minutes.

  • What should I use to clean my Vitus Audio product?

    You should use a damp (water only), lint-free, microfibre cloth to carefully clean your Vitus Audio products. Washing tags on the cloth should be kept away from the paint to reduce the risk of scratching your product.

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  • How should I pack / unpack my Vitus Audio product?

    It is recommended for most Vitus Audio products that there are at least 2 people to handle the packing and unpacking of the product.

    Most Vitus Audio products are very heavy (some exceeding 120kg), therefore care should be taken not to damage the product or the people lifting the product.

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  • Should I unplug my Vitus Audio product during thunder or lightning storms?

    It is recommended that you unplug your Vitus Audio products from the mains outlet during thunder or lightning storms. You should also unplug your Vitus Audio products if they will be unattended for extended periods including vacations, business trips etc.

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  • Where can I find the manuals for my Vitus Audio products?

    The manual for each current Vitus Audio product can be found on the corresponding product page.

    If you need a manual for a discontinued Vitus Audio product, please fill out the service form with all the required information.

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  • Should I read the manual for my Vitus Audio product before use?

    Yes, you should always read the manual before putting your product into operation.

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  • In what order should I turn on / off my audio products?

    The turn on sequence should always be from source to amplifier i.e. source, processing, preamplifier, power amplifier. The turn off sequence is the opposite of the turn on sequence i.e. power amplifier, preamplifier, processing, source.

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  • Should I use a power conditioner for my Vitus Audio products?

    In most cases, a power conditioner will not offer any benefits in terms of sonic performance when used with Vitus Audio products.

    Power conditioners can sometimes be useful if you live close to large factories, in a big city etc. with an increased risk of “polluted mains”.

    It may change the sonic characteristics, but not necessarily for the better.

    In almost every situation it is not recommended to use a power conditioner for our power amplifiers or integrated amplifiers as these have big power supplies with filtering built in.

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  • How do I navigate the menu of my product?

    To find guides on how to navigate and setup the different menus on your Vitus Audio product, please visit the knowledgebase section of our website. Both written and video guides showcasing the different menu options, features and setups for your Vitus Audio product are available.

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  • What is the XLR and RCA connection standard that Vitus Audio uses for analogue connections?

    Vitus Audio uses the European standard of XLR connections for analogue sources.


    • Pin 1 = GND
    • Pin 2 = Hot / non-inverted / +
    • Pin 3 = Cold / inverted / –

    RCA connections are made with Signal on the centre pin and GND on the outer ring.

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  • When was Vitus Audio founded?

    Vitus Audio was founded on the 17th January 1995 by Hans-Ole Vitus. Following 8 years of research and development, the first prototype Vitus Audio amplifiers were ready in 2003. The very first production units were unveiled at CES in January 2004 and released to market that same month.

    You can read the full history of Vitus Audio here.

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  • Am I forced to use the mconnect app or can I use other apps?

    No, you are not forced to use the mconnect app for our streaming solutions.

    All DLNA/UPnP applications can be used with our streaming solution. mconnect is simply the app that we have tested and approved the functions of.

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  • Who should i contact if there is no authorised Vitus Audio partner in my country?

    If you are in a country without an authorised Vitus Audio partner, please contact us direct by filling out the sales form on our website with all the required information. We will then guide you to the closest partner to help you with your requirements.

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