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DAC / Streamer


SD-025 Mk.II DAC

The SD-025 DAC/Streamer has more in common with a luxury watch than you might think. An exclusive, high-end watch provides the ultimate precision, superior technology, and complete perfection down to the tiniest detail. The craftsmanship of watch components contributes to achieve the accuracy of the watch. Just like a watch, with the SD-025 DAC/Streamer you can clearly sense how each component works together closely to transform a sound recording into an extraordinary musical experience of the highest quality.  

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CD Player

SCD-025 Mk.II in Titanium Orange

SCD-025 Mk.II CD player

Using one of our favourite turntables with our Masterpiece MP-P201 phono stage as a reference point, the creation of the SCD-025 Mk.II was all about creating the very best analogue sound from a digital source. Simply put, we wanted to create a more ‘musical’ CD player than anything else available on the market.

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Phono stage


SP-103 Phono stage

Vinyl remains one of the most important and beloved mediums for audio reproduction. Thats why refinement and improvement of our phono stages is an ongoing concern at Vitus Audio. After completing redevelopment of our MP-P201 from the Masterpiece Series we turned our attention to the SP-102 and decided to introduce a raft of improvements introduced in that project to our Signature Series phono stage.

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Line stage


SL-103 Line stage

The original SL-100 was launched at CES in January of 2004 and this lineage in the Signature Series has been a firm favourite with audiophiles ever since. This current iteration pairs perfectly with our SM-011 Monaural Power Amplifiers to create a system to satisfy the most demanding cravings for musicality and performance.

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Integrated amplifiers


SIA-025 Mk.II Integrated amplifier

The SIA-025 Mk.II is a technical and critical triumph – an integrated amplifier with five inputs (balanced and unbalanced), a preamplifier output (for bi-amping purposes), balanced speaker outputs, and a full bypass function offering compatibility with external surround processors.

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SIA-030 Integrated amplifier

What has been achieved by our engineers is nothing short of astonishing. Every element of this amplifier has been obsessed over and refined to the point of perfection creating the component we present here. A powerhouse of an amplifier in a neat, handsome chassis with optional DAC and phono stage. A truly integrated amplifier for the discerning audiophile looking to preserve space in their listening environment.

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Stereo power amplifiers


SS-025 Stereo power amplifier

The SS-025 is a stereo power amplifier designed to fundamentally improve your audio set up taking your listening experience to the next level. Packing huge power inside a relatively small chassis was no easy task, but our engineering team have once again pushed design to the very limits to create a power amp that will astound with power, clarity, performance and musicality.

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SS-103 Stereo power amplifier

Developed alongside the SM-103, this stereo power amplifier offers performance comparable to its monaural sibling in a single chassis. Quite simply, this amplifier is focused on musicality to thrill your senses. With a dramatically lowered noise floor, the resolution offered to the listener is nothing short of breathtaking. And because it’s based on our modular design, this amplifier is upgradable making it a future proof investment.

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Monaural power amplifiers


SM-011 Monaural power amplifier

These incredible pure class A/AB mono amps share a chassis size with it’s sibling the SS-025 Mk.II. Based on the technical leaps made with the original SIA-025, the SM-011 uses SMD in place of leaded components wherever possible, fitting an incredible amount of technology in a modest space.

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SM-103 Mk.II Monaural power amplifier

With a completely no-compromise design, the SM-103 Mk.II can take on the very finest products from around the world, regardless of their cost. Based on the SS-103, each SM-103 Mk.II uses only the finest matched transistors and super precision resistors to ensure optimal working conditions for the different stages of each module.

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