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DAC / Streamer

RD-101 Mk.1

RD-101 Mk.II DAC

With digital now being the primary source for many audio enthusiasts, we created the RD-101 DAC to accompany the amps in our Reference Series. Taking advantage of the technology in our award winning SCD-025 Mk.II, our engineers have managed to squeeze the magic from that unit into a smaller chassis without compromising on quality.

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Phono stage


RP-102 Phono stage

Bring your vinyl collection to life with the incredible RP-102 Phono Stage. Includes support for mono cartridges and load and gain settings selectable from the menu.

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Line stage

RL-102 Mk.I

RL-102 Line stage

When it’s time to take your audio experience to the next level the, natural move is away from an integrated amplifier to a dedicated line stage and one or more power amplifiers. The RL-102 is the obvious choice of line stage when it’s time to make that leap. With a wide array of analogue inputs – 3 x XLR (L+R) and 2 x RCA (L+R) – the RL-102 will comfortably accommodate the analogue sources in your system and bring a fresh dynamism to your system with an exceptional level of musicality, performance and durability.

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Integrated amplifier

RI-101 Mk.II

RI-101 Mk.II Integrated amplifier

This amp, the first product designed for our Reference Series and the entry point to the world of Vitus Audio, quite simply sets a new standard for sound reproduction at this price point. Our engineering team have created a component that raises the bar of solid state integrated amplifiers. With Vitus Audio’s signature minimal styling and the possibility of expansion with other components from the Reference Series, the RI-101 Mk.II will happily sit at the heart of your system for a lifetime.

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Stereo power amplifier

RS-101 Mk.I

RS-101 Stereo power amplifier

Complementary to the RL-101 Line Stage, the RS-101 is a power amplifier without compromise. Our engineers have taken the musical engine of the RI-101 integrated amplifier to an entirely new level. Just as comfortable translating the dramatic impact of a full-scale orchestra into a lifelike performance as it is recreating an intimate jazz trio performance, the RS-101 is the ideal introduction to the world of Vitus Audio.

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