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Vitus Audio products and Argento Cables showcased in Hong Kong 2004

Tuesday 19th Apr 2022 Posted in: Events |

Hong Kong 2004 – our first visit to Asia

Following a remarkably successful CES in January 2004, we landed our first international partner, Audio Cable Boutique in Hong Kong. Together with Argento Audio, we were invited to an official Hong Kong launch of both brands in July of that same year.

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Listening to Vitus Audio products in Taiwan 2004

Tuesday 19th Apr 2022 Posted in: Events |

Vitus Audio introduced in Taiwan

After a remarkably successful CES in January of 2004, and an equally successful show in Hong Kong the week before, our journey continued to Taiwan.

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The first showing of our SM-100 Monoaural Power Amplifier at CES 2004

Wednesday 30th Mar 2022 Posted in: Events |

The first Vitus Audio CES January 2004

In January of 2004 we participated in the biggest consumer electronics show in the world (at the time) CES (Consumer Electronics Show) held at Alexis Park in Las Vegas. We took a suite at the show in cooperation with Argento Audio (Denmark) who provided the cabling, and Sound Lab (USA) who provided speakers for the suite.

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Friday 25th Mar 2022 Posted in: Events |

Memories from our first ever show in Denmark – February 2003

Having participated the the Stockholm show the weekend before this show at the Marriott in Copenhagen, we were already exited to show our brand’s new products in our home country. The Stockholm show provided us with a great deal of exciting feedback from both the public and some heavyweight Swedish distributors with many years in the business.

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Flags at Munich High End

Sunday 13th Mar 2022 Posted in: Events | News |

Vitus Audio at Munich High End 2022

This year, Vitus Audio returns to High End Munich with a clutch of new equipment to demonstrate and experts from the team (including Hans-Ole Vitus and Lukas Eriksen) on hand to talk you through the latest and greatest in our product range.

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Friday 4th Oct 2019 Posted in: Events | News |

Hifi Pig was blown away by Vitus Audio

Hifi Pig visited the Vitus Audio room at the 2019 X-Fi premium audio show in the Netherlands. One of Stu Smith’s comments on the setup was “I was absolutely bowled over by this room…”

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