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WiFi Dongles for use with Vitus Audio Products

Wi-Fi dongles for Vitus Audio streamers

Tagged: Products

The streamer modules in Vitus Audio products do support Wi-Fi dongles. These should be connected via the Wi-Fi USB-A connector on the back of the product.

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RI-101 Mk.I to Mk.II changes knowledgebase article

RI-101 Mk.I to Mk.II upgrade changes

Tagged: Products Upgrades

This article outlines the changes and upgrades between the Mk.I and Mk.II versions of the RI-101.

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How to leave a Vitus Audio product when not in use

How should I leave my Vitus Audio product when it is not being used?

Tagged: Setup

This article gives our guidance on how best to leave your Vitus Audio products when not in use.

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Home Theatre Bypass Setting

Setting up fixed volume / home theatre bypass

Tagged: Home Theatre Setup

Our preamplifiers and integrated amplifiers do have a theatre bypass function, which can be accessed from the inputs setup menu.

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Knowledgebase Directional Fuse Placement

Directional Fuse Placement

Tagged: fuses

This article explains how to place directional fuses in your Vitus Audio equipment.

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Knowledgebase Subwoofer

Connecting a subwoofer to your Vitus Audio product

Tagged: Products Setup

This guide will take you through the steps required to connect a subwoofer to your Vitus Audio system.

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